3 Reasons to Make Sure Your Medical Billing Services are Up to Date

The healthcare industry is one the biggest in the world today. In the United States alone it’s estimated that $46 billion will be spent on healthcare in 2020, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Besides the actual services medical facilities provide, one of the most important and expensive aspects is medical billing and coding. Their services need […]

CMS Commits To Flexible ICD-10 Implementation, But What Does That Mean?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reports that over the next five years, $46 billion will be spent annually on national healthcare programs. And in a few months, all healthcare providers will have to master an entirely new patient billing and medical coding system, the dreaded ICD-10.

For thousands in the medical community, the looming implementation of the ICD-10 has […]

Are You Overwhelmed With Medical Bills?

Over a third (35%) of Americans struggle to pay medical bills. Plus, unpaid medical expenses are the number one reason families ultimately file for bankruptcy. Thankfully, this is not inevitable. In fact, it’s something that may change in a few short years. Here are a few reasons why things seem to be changing for the better:

Americans Are Getting Smarter About […]

What The Sitting Rising Test Can Tell You About Your Health

At some point down the line, the average health insurance company will assess your overall health, physical wellness, and estimate about how long you may live and use that to determine your rate and/or the extent of your coverage. Of course, that raises questions about longevity and markers of health — namely, how can you tell? According to USA Today, […]

The Many Billing Challenges Faced By The Average Health Care Facility

Even the best health care facility may feel daunted by the reality of large medical bills, scores of unanswered calls to patients, and collection agencies. In short, money — and especially debt — can be a bummer. With medical coding and medical billing resources, doctors offices, physician practices, and hospitals can focus on what’s at the heart of their operations: […]

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