Chart Review

The medical coding and billing process can seem like a morass of difficulty and confusion. One area that many health care providers struggle with is chart review. Rather than dealing with your own chart reviews – taking away valuable time that you could be spending with patients – why not hire a competent and experienced New York medical billing company?

Why perform regular chart reviews?

Regular chart review is important for several reasons. Federal oversight of medical coding and billing practices is thorough. Whenever a federal auditor finds a questionable medical coding or billing situation at a practice or facility, they may require an audit of the practice’s medical billing procedures. In order to avoid an audit, it’s a good idea to perform regular monitoring and review of your medical coding and billing procedures. This keeps your facility in compliance with federal physician billing regulations and out of the way of any potential audits.

Every insurance company has different regulations that need to be met. Integrated Healthcare Resources has experience working with a variety of insurance companies, giving us an edge that we will pass on to you. No IHR client has ever been asked to return funds to an insurance company.

In addition to preventing a federal audit of your practice or facility, chart reviews can provide a more tangible benefit.

Our Experienced Chart Reviewers

Our chart review team has extensive experience in obtaining reimbursement for coding errors made by any previous coders. They will look for mistakes or inappropriate claims filed with Medicare or Medicaid, workmen’s comp, as well as private insurance companies. Our professional practice management services employees will make sure that not only will you never be audited, but that any mistakes your previous billers or coders may have made are corrected in your favor.