Office-Based Facility Billing

Facility billing takes decades of experience to accomplish well, and Integrated Healthcare Resources, LTD, has every ounce of that expertise. With over 200 years of combined facility billing experience, we provide a way for facilities to recoup their losses from insurance claims and ensure that they’re receiving the highest possible returns for their work.

Since the onset of facility billing, IHR has specialized in optimizing the facility billing process. Using our proprietary Quadrant Billing Process, painstakingly developed to produce extraordinary results for our clients, is a virtual guarantee of success. Rid your billing of inaccuracies and reap the benefits of accurate, timely reimbursements.

Why Use a Professional Facility Billing Service Provider?

As small-practice medical billing and facility billing differ considerably, hiring an experienced professional is a necessity for a number of reasons. Check out the benefits you’ll reap from using Integrated Healthcare Resources.

Higher Claims Volume

Medium- to large-scale medical facilities have a steady stream of claims passing through the billing process daily. A practiced coder and biller will be able to process claims efficiently and accurately.

Specialized Billing Software

More claims means increased software complexity. Navigating the intricacy of many medical billing software programs without making errors requires the thorough understanding that the experts of Integrated Healthcare Resources provide.

Complex Coding

Facility coding must take into account not only the services provided but also the equipment used, from medication dispensation to IVs and nasogastric tubes.

Strict Regulations

A facility biller must be trained to avoid violating HIPAA privacy rules due to of their access to great amounts of secure and confidential patient health information.

Facility-Specific Factors

Our coders can manage each individual patient’s history, tracking registrations and visits to forestall coding errors before they appear. For example, a new patient designation requires a different set of codes, and may apply to existing patients who have not registered at a given facility within the past three years.

Revenue Stream

With the downturn in regular reimbursements, the facility billing provided by IHR lets you offset losses. We can help you steady your revenue stream at every phase, from initial contact to patient encounter to billing and claims.

The Advantages of Choosing IHR

At Integrated Healthcare Resources, we’re confident that our services will bring you a significant percentage of growth. Think about what an additional $20,000-$50,000 per month could do for your facility’s cash flow, and you’ll have an idea of how our facility billing professionals have helped clients throughout the United States.

“None of our clients have ever been asked to return funds” might sound like it’s too good to be true, but we have the success stories to prove it. Not only can we provide ample remittances and references from our satisfied clients, but also our billing process is endorsed by top health care attorneys.