Professional Medical Billing

In the constantly changing world of medical billing, it can be hard for small practices and stand-alone physicians to keep on top of coding changes. When you work with Integrated Healthcare Resources, LTD, you’ll get a team of professional medical billing experts with over 200 years of medical billing experience. We’ll keep track of the codes so you and your staff don’t have to take valuable time away from patients.

IHR has a reputation for improving practices’ earnings considerably, through deep familiarity with the ins and outs of insurance companies’ requirements and the intricacies of medical coding. Get in touch with us today to start earning what your work is worth without interruptions due to faulty billing or insurance hassles.

Medical Billing or Facility Billing?

Professional medical billing consists of medical billing performed for a private physician’s office or other non-institutional provider of medical services, whether the care was inpatient or outpatient. New York medical billing services differ from facility or institutional billing services, in that different code sets are used for the same procedures. CPT Evaluation and Management (E/M) codes are designed to report the services that private physicians will provide to their patients.

These include non-procedural services like taking a patient’s history, carrying out a physical examination, ordering diagnostic tests, and determining a treatment plan. Evaluation and Management codes are defined through the use of three key components; examination, history, and medical decision-making.

Each E/M code corresponds to a given level of service, which must be documented by the physician, and subsequently abstracted by the medical coding specialist, in order to apply that particular code. Out of the three key components, either two or three must be met depending on the service category that the visit falls under.

Choosing IHR for Your Practice

Professional medical billing and coding is a complicated procedure. When you choose IHR as your complete practice management solution, you’re choosing a medical billing company in New York that understands the differences between medical and institutional billing.

Maintaining the appropriate level of knowledge about new codes and regulations can be difficult for a single coder of small billing department.  Integrated Healthcare Resources takes away that uncertainty by employing a number of professionally trained full-time medical coders. With a combined 200 years of experience, you can rest assured that your practice will become even more profitable.